Lauren Conrad is designing diamond jewelry

Lauren Conrad’s design empire keeps expanding, with three new spring collections – including a Dress Up Shop, handbag line and fine jewelry collection hitting Kohl’s Thursday. (And no, we don’t know how she finds time to do it – in addition to her blog, her Little Market brand, her regular Kohl’s collection and a baby on the way – without even blinking a perfectly-lined eye either.)

Conrad, 31, told us that she’s always loved designing jewelry for her Kohl’s line, so she was “excited” to have the opportunity to pivot into fine jewelry when the time came. “They sent me all the different stones, the cuts that I could play with and sketch into. It was so much fun.” Since she has collected pieces over the years — fondly recalling her first fine jewelry piece, a gold ring featuring her amethyst birthstone and gifted by her parents — she says she pulled ideas from her own jewelry box for inspiration.


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