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Lauren Conrad is MANY

Did you know this about Lauren?

1. I have a strong distaste for the color purple. I will not wear anything purple or decorate my home in purple hues.
2. I don’t eat dairy. My husband and baby both have dairy allergies, and a few months after eliminating it from our home cooking, I realized I didn’t miss it and felt much healthier without it.
3. I am named Lauren because my mother’s maiden name was Lawrence.
4. It rained during most of mine and William’s coastal Italian honeymoon. Good thing I was with someone I really liked because we spent a lot of the time cooped up inside together!
5. I really love a good pun. I can’t help myself.
6. I post a lot of workout content on the site, but I actually hate working out. Having a workout buddy makes it a little more bearable.
7. I collect vintage apples that I find at the flea market or antique shops.
8. My biggest pet peeve is rudeness
9. The oldest piece of clothing in my closet are my ballet leotards from when I was a little girl. They are so cute I can’t get rid of them.
10. I always have a $2 bill in my wallet for good luck.


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